Drone Production for Film & Video

Arri Alexa Mini Drone

Arri Alexa Mini

Using the lastest in drone technolgy we are able to carry the best cameras the cinema world has to offer.

Red Epic Red Weapon Drone

Red Epic/ Weapon

Putting the best cameras in the air is what our drone systems are made to do. We can fly anything from 1080 to 8K.

Professianl drone FreeFly Alta

FreeFly Alta & Movi

We are passionate about pushing the envelope technologically in order to provide the most dynamic and amazing footage.

DJI inspire baton Rouge New Orleans


Images that were once out of reach are no longer. Our drones and stabilization systems redefine camera placement and motion.

Industry leading aerial cinematography and drone production for film & TV.

Drone movie production Alexa Mini

Heavy Lift Drones

Drone Production DJI Inspire

Broadcast Drones

Atmosphere Aerial Drone Production Show Reel

Atmosphere Aerial can put your vision in the sky

aerial drone filming

Drone Features

DOLLY – capture endless smooth and slow tracking dolly shots, just a few feet off the ground. Don’t spend valuable time and money.

JIB / CRANE  – capture a exquisite, slow moving vertical shot ascending or descending. Cranes are heavy and require a lot room to operate.

INDOORS – Cranes and jibs are limited to where they are fit and the room they need but a drone has zero on the ground that could be left in the frame. Let the drone get a unobstructed 360 view of whats below or above.

The Sky is no longer the Limit – Drones can push the limit of possiblity of cinematography. Been able to move in a truely limitless 3 dimensional space will forever change the way you view possibliies of cinematography. Capture the shot that once was only possible with CGI but now you can achieve that dream with a drone. 

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